The Activia is a very professional company, and who cares about the outcome of the service it offers. It is not limited to what is in the contract, and beyond. If there is any problem, Activia can solve the best possible way. We rely heavily on Activia precisely for this ability to improvise solutions in unpredictable situations. In my point of view, Activia is a group of excellence in which it operates. We have hired the services of Activia twice and we are delighted. Certainly, I would indicate the Activia to friends and colleagues because it is a serious and competent company.

Jose Carlos Perini Chairman of ASBAI (Brazilian Association of Allergy and Immunology)

We did the 35th Brazilian Congress of Urology in partnership with Activia, which took place in Sulamérica Convention Center in Rio de Janeiro. The event was a success! There were more than 60 exhibitors, 4,000 participants and 27 international guests. The work of Activia was impeccable, because it gave all assistance to guests and congressmen, have provided staff and support teams during the event and everything went perfectly well!

Carlos Eduardo Corradi President SBU

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