Solid experience in the line of business

The company has grown based on a professional experience with great market knowledge in the segments of airlines, hotels, organizing events and corporate travel, which has characterized us since the beginning of our operations, as a credible company in the market with more 68 events held, 12 International.

Personalized and differentiated service

Before starting our activities, we seek to achieve a minimum level that would allow us to enter the market with the ability to provide quality service. The main idea is always to seek innovations to identify our service as unique in the market. We join our know-how to provide personalized service to always, the best options according to the needs of each client. We specialize in integrated solutions in the area of ​​congresses and events, where we develop and manage all processes in the organizational area and logistics (air, hotel and ground transportation).

BackOffice team training

In our selection process, we follow the premise of only hire professionals with experience and expertise proven in their fields, which further reinforces the idea that the company’s differential ability to find creative formulas service to customer needs.

B2B Resources on the Internet

This point is being addressed with enough emphasis to be an item not always present in the competition. Through management reports, customers can manage their travel expenses, thus reducing their operating costs. That is, each client can through the portal, manage all their travel and other services requested and also withdraw your bills and bank bills. The idea is to always keep up with developments in this regard, keeping us ahead of the market.

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